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Summa D140FX

Vinyl cutters that set the industry standard for performance and value

Evolution of the SummaCut

Since 1996, SummaCut™ has evolved to become the world's most advanced performance-price leader. Introduced to the world in 1999 and meticulously refined since, the latest generation SummaCut is the product of Summa's brilliant European engineering and decades of experience.

Numerous improvements have been incorporated into this latest version, including a newly designed high-speed cutter head with built-in OPOS-X technology (Summa's unrivaled Optical Positioning Sensor).

Combining the world's most reliable sensor technology with highly complex algorithms allows SummaCut to effectively compensate for any print deformations and deliver spot-on contour cutting every time. Its outstanding registration-mark recognition capabilities apply not only to standard materials but also reflective, holographic and metallic materials, as well as many of the laminates being used today.

Built to withstand the daily punishment of busy production environments, SummaCut vinyl cutters are ideal for value-minded graphics professionals who are unwilling to compromise their quality standards. The versatility of this series makes it ideal for cutting signs, vehicle lettering, die cut decals, labels and more.

SummaCut Engineering

Summa engineers understand that the most important vinyl cutter feature is tracking. That’s why every cutter we build features our exclusive, patented MicroSprocket™ media transport rollers. Milled from the finest materials, in a unique process that assures an exacting diameter, each roller is specially coated to eliminate the risk of wear and oxidation that can degrade tracking over time.

SUMMA Cut D Sınıfı ile Standart Gelen Ürünler

  • Malzeme tutucu 2 adet ( Kuka )
  • Fiber tip kalem
  • Elektrik kablosu
  • SummaCutter kontrol yazılım ve kitapçığı
  • Usb kablosu
  • Winplot Rıp yazılım
  • Standart Bıçak 2 adet ( 36' )
  • MacSign (Demo)
  • Sabit bıçak tutucusu

SummaCut D Sınıfı Opsiyonel Ürünler

  • 399-075 Ayak standı ve Kumaş malzeme toplama haznesi D60 modeli için
  • 391-595 SummaCut ve SummaSign D-Başlığı İçin Delme Paketi , Pin Tutucu, 2 adet pin ve 10m delme halısı


  • Marka: SUMMA
  • Ürün Kodu: SUMMA D140 FX